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Rooftop Equipment Access & Connection Hub

The REACH is a patented electrical enclosure with bulkhead mountings for rooftop equipment MEP services and ancillary components

This is a building interface system for rooftop equipment that generates a quality, problem-free, user friendly rooftop environment.

Architects are Free to Design

Architects can once again focus on the organization and aesthetics of their rooftop environment, because the REACH System has finally completed the equipment system design which manufacturers forgot.

Equipment System Design Finished by REACH System

A vital part of an equipment manufacturers design should have included planning, for where and how equipment MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) supply-lines should penetrate the building envelope, and how code mandated components for operation of their equipment (such as safety disconnects) are intended to be mounted.

Incomplete design results in hazards

This photo (left) illustrates how electrical power and control wiring were in need of a manufacturers design skills, otherwise this type of disaster will plague an architects idea for a safe environment. Equipment manufacturers may not have anticipated the extent of the problems due to their negligence from unfinished equipment designs, but the construction industry is suffering from the unresolved issues.

Rooftop Environment Design

The REACH inventor tackled the burden to resolve these issues for the entire construction industry and completed the unfinished equipment manufacturers design. He patented the REACH invention which provides the elements necessary to ensure an organized, safe working environment for architects, contractors and building owners.

By using the REACH System, the construction industry problems will finally get cleaned-up.